Colour Consulting

Looking to paint the interior or exterior of your home? With our colour consulting service you can access the knowledge and expertise of our talented colour consultants. 

Anyone who has browsed through paint swatches in a paint store knows choosing the right colour scheme for your home is a lot more difficult than it first appears. Not only are there countless shades and sheen levels to choose from but it can also be difficult to know which shades complement one another and how they will look in different forms of lightning or once the paint has dried.

Let us take the stress away and help you get the colour right the first time. We come to your home with our samples, ask the right questions and ensure you are left with piece of mind.

Working closely with M.J.Harris Painting has allowed us to learn a lot about applying the colours we choose. We know when a colour may not cover in 2 coats or when a sheen level may not suit the surface you are proposing to paint. In short, we know what works and how it works.

No matter what style Melbourne home you have, we can get the colour choice right for you.

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