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Lighting is a fantastic and cleaver way to completely transform the look and feel of any indoor or outdoor space by setting a mood and drawing attention to key features and colours. With our lighting design Melbourne services, we can help you can add that finishing touch to your renovation project, using our vast knowledge of interior and exterior lighting options.

We are the lighting designers Melbourne residents call on for all their indoor and outdoor lighting needs. Our lighting design service begins with an in-home consultation where one of our Melbourne interior designers will discuss lighting options with you based on your needs and our knowledge of the latest design trends. We will then include our recommended lighting solutions into a finishes schedule for you, illustrating to you our suggested light fittings including the costs to purchase the lights themselves. And if you want to go a step further, we can provide you with a quote from M,J,Harris Electrical to install your new lights for you, globes and all!

There is a lot to consider when determining how to appropriately and tastefully light up a space. At a high level, all lighting installations can be broken into three main categories:

Ambient lighting or general lighting is the main source of illumination in a room or outdoor space. It radiates brightly and evenly with the goal of providing visibility to the area as a whole. Sources of ambient lighting can include chandeliers, ceiling- or wall-mounted light fixtures, track lighting or patio lanterns.

Task lighting is more narrowly focused than ambient lighting; it helps you perform specific tasks such as cooking, reading, grooming and working. Task lighting is typically achieved with the use of portable floor and desk lamps, track lighting or under-cabinet lighting.

Accent lighting is where you can really transform a room from ordinary to extraordinary by playing with shadows and contrast. Accent lighting is typically used to highlight prized possessions or visually striking pieces such as vases, paintings or sculptures. Outdoors, it can be used to draw attention the texture of a stone wall, water feature or garden area. Accent lighting can be accomplished with track or recessed lighting, or wall-mounted picture lights.

Our lighting designers will aim to include elements of ambient lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting as appropriate for your needs and for the space being worked with.

On top of lighting finishes schedule, we can also provide you with 2D electrical plans in both elevation and floorplan format, ready for any electrician to work from. We can refer you to an electrician or connect you with one of our own electricians at M.J.Harris Electrical. From the design stage, to planning, to completion, we work with you every step of the way for all your Melbourne lighting needs.

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